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84 Ryan Rd Brownington VT, 05860

Located in Evansville VT off of route 58
give us a ring if you have questions
or send us an E-mail at gonyawfarm@live.com

Updated 10/22/2017




This is a Friesian QH cross gelding. Big and stout standing 15.3 hands 7yrs young! This is one nice nice horse. He has the best ground manners. Comes right to you in the pasture. He trots right along with the side by side bringing him to the barn. He stands stock still for tacking, bridling, and mounting. The best trail horse you will come across. He leads and follows. Very confident any where he goes. Traffic safe as well. There is nothing this big horse will not do.


This is one handsome man! He is a 7yr old 15.2 hand stout made palomino gelding. This horse will grab every ones attention any where you go. He is super easy to catch. Stands to be tacked and bridled. He will stand quiet to mount from the ground or a mounting block. Walks off on a loose rein. He will ride around in the ring or loves to be on the trails. He knows his leads in the ring and will pick them right up. He w/t/c, backs, either neck reins or direct reins, side passes, and turns on his haunches. He will ride english and western. He is great on the trails. Goes out alone and with the others. He rides in the front or back with no problems. Comes back to the barn on a loose rein. This is just one all around nice horse for any level rider.



7yr old 16.3 hand flea bitten grey crossbred gelding. This guy goes English and western. He has been fox hunted. He knows his leads in the ring, w/t/c, backs, and side passes. He is very athletic and willing to please. He has good ground manners. He trail rides as well. He will lead and follow on the trails. Traffic safe.



This is a nice, pretty 15.3 hand, 8yr, black and white paint gelding. This guy does it all. W/t/c, picks up both leads, backs, and has an awesome stop! He will work of your leg and has a small neck rein. Will ride either english or western and goes either in the ring or out on the trails. He is road and traffic safe, goes out with or without company just fine. He is the smoothest horse around at all gaits. Good to work around in his stall and on the ground and gets along with everyone in the field, easy to catch as well.



7yr, 15.1 hand, grade sorrel gelding. This horse came right off a dude ranch. He is a amazing trail horse and will go any where you ask of him. He has a good neck rein and whoa. Will w/t/l right off. Leads and follows. Easy to catch and stands for you to mount. He goes out alone as well as with the others. He will ride in the ring and knows his leads. Lopes around nice. All around nice gelding that isn't phased by much.




14.3 hand, 11yr, bay gelding. Very nice handy neck rein, w/t/c, knows his leads, and backs easily. Say woah and he's putting on the breaks.He is quite smooth for his size and has a large stride to his canter. He rides up the road and out on the trails with no issues. Traffic safe and fun to ride.



12yr, 15.2 hand, bay and white paint gelding. W/t/c, stops, backs, picks up both leads, and neck reins. Has nice smooth gaits and trail rides awesome. Rides in the ring just as nicely. Road and traffic safe, will go out alone or with others. Goes out through the woods, across water, over logs, and heads back home just as he rode away from it.




14yr, 16.2 hand Belgian gelding that weighs 1800. Has been used single and double, works great. Has good solid feet, always been taken care of. Would make a great farm, woods, or hay ride horse.


15 hand grade QH sorrel gelding. W/t/c, picks up both leads, backs, and has a nice whoa. Rides in the ring or out on the trails. Will go out alone or with company. Easy to catch in the pasture, comes right up to you to be loved on. Stands for grooming, tacking, and mounting as well as to be clipped and bathed.

FPF Shez Gotthe Look

Double Reg. APHA and PtHA 14yr old mare stands 15.2 This is a super sweet and broke girl. She will go english and western, trail rides and ring rides. She will w/t/c right around. Will work off your legs and collects up nice as well. She trail rides great too. She will ride out on a loose rein every time.


11yr, 14.2 hand, sorrel grade gelding. Good ground manners and is polite in his stall. Easy to catch too. Stands quietly to be groomed, saddled, bridled, and to be fused over. W/t/c, picks up both leads, and has a neck rein. Road and traffic safe. Rides in the ring or out on the trails either alone or with others.



10yr Belgian gelding standing at 20 hands tall, weighing in at 2150. Broke single and double. Has on new shoes and is ready to be worked in any direction!


This is a big stout 15.2 hand, 8yr old, sorrel gelding. Tank is easy to catch and good in his stall. Stands quiet for grooming, clipping, baths, and to be saddled, bridled, and mounted. W/t/c, neck reins, knows both his leads, back, nice whoa, and side passes. Will even do a little spin. Very comfortable jog at nice lope as well. Has been used as a 4-H horse and been shown locally in both english and western classes. Road and traffic safe and will ride out on the trail too.




11yr, 15 hand, dapple grey gelding. W/t/c, backs, nice whoa. Has a nice big trot and smooth canter. Rides either english or western, both our on the trail and in the ring. Easy to catch, stands for grooming, tacking, and mounting, and leads off the 4-wheeler. Gets along well with the others our in the pasture and is good in a stall. Road and traffic safe, goes out alone or with others.



This is a broad 15.2 hand, 12yr, sorrel gelding. He is easy to catch and has great ground manners. He is quiet in the barn and tacks up and bridles nicely. Stands to be mounted, w/t/c, picks up both leads, side passes, has an easy back and a one handed neck rein. He has fantastic breaks, you say whoa and he is stopping. Just a really nice broke gelding that is good to be around and fun to ride.


9yr old, sorrel, 14.2 hand gelding. This is one broke little horse. He will w/t/l around knows his leads and has a great whoa! He has great ground manners. Easy to catch and stands stock still to be tacked and bridled. This horse has a one hand neck rein and will turn right around on his haunches. He lopes off from a walk. Nice brakes. If you are looking or a super broke horse that is quiet all at the same time this is your guy.


RC Cecil

10yr AQHA dapple grey gelding standing at 14.3 hands tall. Gets along with everyone in the field and is good to catch. Easy to work around in the barn, on the ground, and in a stall. W/t/c, backs, side passes, spins and neck reins. Has nice gaits that are easy to sit to. Been used in the stock yards so cows and farm equipment don't bother him. Road and traffic safe. Will ride out on the trails either along or with company just the same.



Good broke trail and ring horse. Grade sorrel 11yr 15 hand gelding. Rides up the road, on the trails, and in the ring. He will neck rein, w/t/c, picks up both leads, goes through water, traffic safe. Rides off in a snaffle bit, stand for mounting, tacking, and grooming. Great ground manners and easy to catch.



8yr old, 14 hand, sorrel gelding. Stands quiet tied to grooming and tacking. W/t/c, backs, picks up both leads, side passes, spins, and has a nice little neck rein. Very quiet, been there done that type of guy. Has been rode by the kids sorting cows. Does his job and then drops his head and stands stock still. Nice broke little gelding that anyone can ride.



RSPH Boonstarplayboy

"Playboy" is 14.3hand, AQHA Registered, 11yr, sorrel gelding. Goes back to Freckles Playboy on his sire's side. W/t/c, picks up both leads, backs nicely, has a good neck rein, and great whoa. Rides out on the trails as well either alone or with others. He will lead the group out on the trails or take up the back. Not a lot bothers him, leads off our 4-wheeler, we've used him in lessons and on trail rides. Nice little gelding that will do whatever is asked of him.



And Many More.......Stop in anytime and see them all!



For more information please contact us at 802-754-6347.