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84 Ryan Rd Brownington VT, 05860

Located in Evansville VT off of route 58
give us a ring if you have questions
or send us an E-mail at gonyawfarm@live.com

Updated 04/24/2014

*** May 10, 2014 is our Spring auction. Check out our Upcoming Events page for more details.***

** Preveiw some of our Auction horses. More horses to come!**


Gardner's Delora May


Delora is a Reg. Miniature hard to find Mediterranean Jennet Donkey. She is 9yrs old. This little girl is the sweetest girl you would ever meet. She is great around the kids and other animals. She would make a great addition to a little petting zoo.



Absolute Statute

Reg. AQHA 13yr old gelding. Show ready. Impressive bred. 16 hands. This horse is BROKE BROKE. He has done halter classes. He lopes right off from a walk, knows both leads and has a slow jog. He works off your legs nice. Side passes, pivots and nice back. He has also been trail rode. Goes up the road through the woods. No spook. Just a nice big stout gelding that really rides.




Grade appaloosa gelding stands 15.2 hands. This guy is super nice quiet gelding. He has a nice easy jog and will lope right off up the road. He has a good neck rein and nice stop. He backs up easy as well. He loves to be on the trails and will work in the ring nice. He would make a great husband horse. He has done many lessons. The kids love him and will climb all over him and he is great.



CNH Sweet Eyed Cowboy

Reg. APHA sorrel and white 12yr old gelding. Cowboy has been shown english. He will collect up nice and knows his leads and will pick them right up. He moves off your legs and extends out good. He trail rides good as well.


Cowboy Pep San

Sorrel gelding. 15.2 hands Quiet Quiet and broke. He is 13yrs old. If you can hold the reins you can ride this horse. He has a slow lope. Knows his leads and will pop right into them. Easy jog. Traffic safe and very willing to please. Rides in the ring quiet as well. Nice whoa!



This is a grade sorrel 5yr old gelding. Star stands 15.1 hands and has a nice solid build. This guy is young and talented. He works off your legs really nice. He has a solid w/t/c. Rides english and western and loves to trail ride. He will lead and follow on the trails. He is very confident and willing to please. He knows his leads in the ring and will move out nice. Also been worked on cows, been used to check fences with. For 5yrs old this guy has done it all.

Ima Hickory Hoot

Sorrel gelding. This horse will sit down and turn around. Big stop. Quiet gelding to ride. He stands 15.1 hands nice round build to him. He goes back to Doc Bar and Doc's Hickory. This horse has done lots of cow work and has miles of trail riding under his belt. He is broke now. He will neck rein right around lope right off from a walk and good back. Rides in the ring and on the trails.


Misty and Molly


Pair of 16.2 hand Belgian mares. These girls are full sisters. 4 and 5 yrs old. They will stand good in the barn to be harnessed and they go out and hitch up good. Great in the pastures and easy to work around. They are a nice young pair of sound mares that are well broke.




Grade 7yr old solid black gelding standing 15.1hands with a stocky build. This guy is a quiet husband trail horse. He will w/t/l right off. He rides in a snaffle bit with a direct rein. He will follow right up the road and will ride out alone as well. He is smooth gaited. He has good ground manners.



Serenade Smokin Red

Red roan gelding. English and western and trail rides. Stands 15.3 hands 12yr old gelding. This horse rides on the trails and in the ring. He will round up nice and lope right off. He rides out alone and with the others. Great ground manners and willing to please.





Nice sorrel gelding. Good neck rein. Lopes right off. Great trail horse. He stands 15 hands. All around trail horse. You point him he goes. Lopes off good and easy to sit to. He has great ground manners.



Deluxe Moxie

AQHA coming 6yr old Chestnut gelding. This guy stands 15.2 hands. He trail rides great and rides in the ring really nice. He rides English and western. He moves out nice and will collect up in a snaffle bit. He goes off your legs and is very fun to ride.


12 yr old 15.3 hand black and white grade gelding. This horse has done it all. Trail rides, Ring rides, rides bareback and double, been roped off, chased cows. He has a good neck rein, lopes right off quiet and easy. But he is a very handy horse. He will turn around and lope off from a walk.




This is a 12yr old 16 hand red and white paint gelding. George is a super trail horse. He will w/t/c. He is traffic safe rides out alone and with the others. He will go any where you point him. He has been rode all over the mountains in the west. He would make a great beginner gelding for someone wanting to get started.



Grade 15.1 hand 9yr old buckskin gelding. This guy is super sweet on the ground. He is an in your pocket type of horse. He rides in a snaffle bit will w/t/c right off. Briar has a good neck rein and is very willing to please. He has a nice jog and lope. Traffic safe and will go any where you point him. He is quiet to ride but is handy and ready to work. SOLD


Grade 8yr old grey QH gelding stands 15.1 hands. This guy is a great trail horse. He has a solid w/t/c and a good trail horse neck rein. He is traffic safe and will cross mud and water. He will ride out alone and with the other horses. Easy to catch, great ground manners. Good to be clipped, good for the vet and picks up all 4 feet with no fuss. Rides is the ring as well.



16 hand 8yr old bay QH gelding. This guy is very athletic. He rides english and western. He trail rides as well. He will extends out nice in the ring and moves off your legs nice. Collects up good in a snaffle bit. He has a good neck rein. He is traffic safe. He has great ground manners and has a good personality.





Nice stout 15.2 hand 12yr old sorrel gelding. This is a nice big ranch and trial gelding. He has 2 hind socks and a star in his head. He will do it all, will go any where you point him on the trail. Very steady horse that is super confident alone and with the other horses. Traffic safe. He was worked on the ranches in Missouri. He checked fences, gathered cattle, you can open and shut gates with him. He will lope right off on a loose rein and has a good stop. If you are looking for a true working horse this is your guy, or if you want to just go trail riding and enjoy your self he is happy doing that as well. SOLD


Grade 15.3 hand 11 yr old grey gelding. This guy is a super trail horse. He has a good neck rein and will w/t/l right off. He is not in a hurry to go any where, but will go where ever you point him. He is traffic safe. Works off you legs and has great ground manners. Would make a great husband horse. SOLD

Peptos Golden Bar

Reg. AQHA 4yr old sorrel gelding with a flaxen mane and trail. This guy is bred to do cow work, he goes back to Peptoboonsmal and it shows. He has a lot of natural talent in him. He will turn and cut quickly but will drop his head and ride around on a loose rein. He is really going to be a great horse when he is finished. Super sweet horse to work with, quiet and respectful on the ground.




This is one floaty gelding. Goes english and western, and is very smooth to ride. Will ride on the road or in the ring, traffic safe, and goes out alone. If you are looking for an athletic horse to maybe jump with or do some flat work in the ring, but want one that will trail ride too, come check him out. This horse is young but has a very level head and is a talented guy.



This is a pretty black12yr old grade QH gelding with a white strip and 4 white socks. He is a deluxe trail horse, has a great neck rein and is one of the smoothest horse you will ever ride. He goes off your legs nice and goes off up the road on a loose rein. He naturally collects him self up nice. He would make a super cute english horse. Loves attention and rides out alone and with the others.




Super cute 11yr old 15 hand grade QH gelding. This is a nice quiet and fun gelding. He is super sweet on the ground and tacks up good and rides off the same every time. He is traffic safe, loves to trail ride and will ride in the ring. He has a good neck rein and nice stop. He backs up good as well. He is a true gentleman to be around. SOLD


And Many More.......Stop in anytime and see them all!



For more information please contact us at 802-754-6347.