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84 Ryan Rd Brownington VT, 05860

Located in Evansville VT off of route 58
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Updated 10/23/2016




7x7x16 2000 Eby stock trailer BP. Heavy Axles, divider, top of the line, everything works. Asking $8000.00




Grade sorrel QH gelding 15 hands. This is a super cute little horse. He has a good neck rein and will w/j/l right off. He has an easy jog and lope. Awesome trail horse. He will go any where on the trails. Goes out alone and with the others. Leads and follows. Quiet and easy. He would make a great 4-H horse.




This is a cute little guy. Very sweet and honest gelding. He stands 37 inches and is a 6yo. This guy rides and drives. He came off and Amish farm where the kids were using him. He is super easy to catch. Stands quiet in the barn as well. All around nice pony.

Under Contract!




Grade Red roan gelding stands 15.2 hands, 12yr. This is a quiet horse. Nice neck rein and will w/t/l right off. He has nice easy gaits and will go any where. He has done some w/t 4-H showing with the kids. He has also done lots of trail rides. He has a nice canter, good brakes, backs up nice as well. Great barn manners and will ride off the same every time.


Reg. APHA born in 2000 This is a nice big stout gelding. He has a one hand neck rein and will lope right off. He has been trail rode all over and done lots of ranch work as well. He stands quiet in the barn and easy to catch. Rides off in just a snaffle bit. Knows what your legs mean. This is a big athletic gelding that is very willing to please.



10yo 18 hands, broke single and double. He has been used in twitching contests in ME. Easy to catch, good in the pasture with the others. Nice big horse that is ready to work. SOLD



Quincy Zan Bay

2011 Reg AQHA 15.1h bay gelding, sired out of Speaks Silver Bullet. This horse has a nice neck rein and smooth gaits. W/t/c, pops right into the lope from a walk. He trail and ring rides, road and traffic safe. Easy to catch and has great ground manners. This is a big puppy dog. He is the first one to greet you in the pasture.



8yr, 15.2h, grade black gelding. Quiet Quiet. W/t/c, knows his leads, rides in the ring and out on the trails. Road and traffic safe. Will stand all day if you ask him to. Stands to be groomed, tacked, mounted, clipped, sprayed, bathed, and tied. Has 3 nice gaits to him and rides off in a snaffle bit. Has been ridden on the road and out in the woods by beginners and takes care of them every time.




Alapar Bar

13yr Reg AQHA 15.2h buckskin gelding. Goes back to Zan Parr Bar. He is a pretty dark buckskin with lots of flash! This horse trail rides, goes in the ring, english or western. Nice big floaty gaits. Will w/t/c right off. Fun, athletic, broke gelding. Easy to catch as well. Stands quiet in the barn! Has a naturally english headset.



Grade sorrel gelding, 7yr, stands 15.2h. Rides English and western and enjoys trails as well. This guy has great ground manners. He will stand to be brushed, tacked and mounted. Rides off in just a snaffle bit. He has 3 smooth easy, floaty, fun gaits. Will pop right into his lope and has a nice trot as well. He goes around cute English, knows his leads, has a nice stop and back on him as well. Take him out alone and with the others and have a fun ride!




Grade 12yr old Red Dun gelding that stands 15h. This is one nice gelding. Good neck rein, back, and stop. Lopes right off. Trail rides and ring rides. Goes out alone and with the others. Easy to catch, stands for tacking and mounting. All around gelding. He goes any where you point him. Will make someone a fun, athletic, good broke horse!




Red Cowboy Hancock "Trent"

Reg. AQHA 2010, 15hand, Red Roan Gelding. Great trail and ring horse. W/t/l, backs, goes off in a snaffle bit. Has a nice little lope on him and an easy going personality. Stands to be groomed, tacked, and mounted.




16 hand gray warmblood gelding 14yo. This is one broke guy. He will ride English and western and trail rides. He knows his leads and will pop right into them. He has a nice long trot or will slow right down and jog along. He will side pass, back, leg yield. He is nice and soft in the bridle. He has great ground manners and easy to work around. This would make a great lessons horse, as he is very easy to ride. SOLD!



Grade 11yr grey 14.3 gelding. This is one broke little horse. One hand neck rein, w/t/c, ranch style gelding. Step on him and he will do the rest. Lopes nice circles and has a good stop. Goes out alone and with the others, easy to catch in the field. Quiet on the ground. Not spookey and willing to work.





This is a 17 hand 12yo Belgian gelding. This guy is a gentle giant. He is easy to catch and will come right to you in the pasture. Great barn manners. He drives single and double. He is safe and sound.



16 hand warmblood gelding 15yo. This is one sweet and talented horse. He will ride english and western, takes a little jump and trail rides. He has great ground manners. Stands to be tacked, bathes, clips, ties. He will really ride around nice. He has been used as a lesson horse. He will frame up, knows his leads and will go right into them. He even neck reins. Trail rides great as well. This is just an all around nice horse. He would make a great addition to any lesson program.





Grade 12yr branded sorrel gelding standing 15.2 hands. This is a sweet little horse. He comes right to and loves to have the attention. He rides off the same every time you swing a leg over him. He has a good neck rein and will work off your legs nice. He has a solid w/t/c and rides in the ring and on the trails. Will head right up the road with no company and do just fine. He will ride around quiet in the ring as well.



Mac O Zippo

Reg. AQHA 5yr sorrel gelding standing at a solid 15 hands. This guy goes back to Zippo Pine Bar on sire side, Doc O Mos on his dam's side. This is a good little trail and ring horse. He has great ground manners. Rides english and western. He will w/t/c and knows his leads in the ring. He loves to be out and about. Will ride out alone and with the others. Leads and follows on the trails. Has been ridden up the road and in the woods alone and in large groups with no issues. Was used in as a camp horse and his rider had a blast on this fun guy! Nice young horse with some miles under him!





13yr, sorrel, grade gelding, standing at 15.2h. This is a nice broke western gelding. One hand neck reins, will w/t/c right off, nice stop, traffic safe, great ground manners, and easy to catch. Fun horse to ride with nice long strided gaits.



May & June

These girls are 17 and 17.2 hands, teenagers. They just came off the Amish farm where they have been worked their whole lives. They have been on all farm machinery. Very easy to work around, and quiet to drive. First $2000.00 takes the pair!



15.1h, 10yr, grade palomino gelding. W/t/c, backs, nice neck rein, is road and traffic safe. He has done lots of trail riding. He will ride in the front or back of the pack. He will ride out alone as well. Whiskey has also been a gymkhana horse. He has been hauled all over and does very well. He excels in Barrels and Poles. This is just an all around nice horse that is willing to work. Great barn and ground manners. He comes in from the pasture goes right in his stall. He is very quiet in the barn. Stands to be clipped, bathed, tacked and mounted.



8yr old, 14.3h, grade sorrel gelding. W/t/c, english or western, backs, and has a nice stop. Road and traffic safe. Rides in a snaffle bit, moves off your leg. Goes out alone or with others. Will go threw water and stands to be tacked, groomed, and mounted.




9yr, 15h, grade sorrel gelding. W/t/c with a stop and back on him, and a handy neck rein. Road and traffic safe. Stands to be groomed, tacked, and mounted. Goes out alone or with the others.




10yr buckskin gelding standing at 15.2h. W/t/c, nice stop and back to him. Road and traffic safe. Stands to be groomed, tacked, mounted, clipped, sprayed, and tied. Easy to catch in the pasture and easy to work around in the barn.



And Many More.......Stop in anytime and see them all!



For more information please contact us at 802-754-6347.